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Media Analysis essays

The television series I chose to do was the Real World: Philadelphia. The reason I chose to do this show is that the producers seem to touch a lot of cultural issues. Also, the cast of this show includes people from different cultural backgrounds. It is very interesting to see...

media analysis essays

We live in a world where women slightly outnumber men.Women no longer are solely housewives.They hold prominent positions in business, yet television and film still portray them as young, dumb, and beautiful, these being there only qualities.Most people would think that since we live in a time where most households...

Essay on mathematics

Although the women of this show campaign, volunteer, and fund raiser for a umber of charities that empower women, the show overall casts women as a subordinate, unintelligent and a weak species. Within the opening scene of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, the women divulge a number of shocking...

Media Analysis- Macbeth

The best part about Shakespearean play, Macbeth is that it can be performed, not only read. This version of the film has done exceptionally well in terms of the performance. This film, directed by Rupert Gold is set in the 20th century as opposed to its original setting which took...

Social Media Analysis

Many people consider their online presence a crucial part of their identity, working hard to build and maintain he information they choose to share on these Medias. However, Social Medias are often seen as a pervasive part of our lives, and for all the benefits they offer to an increasingly...


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